G R O U P  K 1 6,  D I G I T A L  E X P R E S S I O N I S M

O n e  v i s i o n , o n e  s t a n d a r d

 H e l e n e  G o l d b e r g


Berkeley California’s Helene Goldberg has painted over 4000 iPad paintings that have been exhibited around the world. Although she always loved art, Helene’s career has been as a psychologist. She did not begin painting until she was 68 when the iPhone first offered a painting app. Now she she paints on the iPad and has a world-wide following - with collectors and fans around the world and a new life as an artist. An inspiration to many digital artists, her admirably consistent work belongs to the finest that digital art has to offer. Her paintings are earnest yet playful, highly inventive in rhythm and form and wonderfully equilibrated, charged with the warmth and emotional depth acquired in a lifetime. Helene has a distinctive abstract style that introduces a Neo-Modernist perspective.

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